Regulatory assistance
  • Assessment of the regulatory WACC (airports, electricity markets and gas distribution)
  • Asseveration of traffic flows in tenders for motorway concessions
  • Pro veritate opinion on the neutrality of supplementary charges
  • Analysis of a competitor's offer in an administrative dispute concerning a motorway concession
  • Pro veritate opinion of the impact on public finance of a competing offer
  • Partial opinion on the pricing and circulation of tourist buses in Rome
  • Regulatory due diligence for brownfield projects (energy, highways, airports)
Economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Economic and financial evaluation for a gas storage
  • Opinion concerning the economic-financial rebalancing of various PPP transactions
  • Opinion on the bankability of two development projects in the renewable energy sector
  • Evaluation of the infrastructure investment program in the Central European area
  • Economic and financial evaluation of an infrastructure for urban mobility
  • Advisor for the evaluation of infrastructure financing contracts for a Development Bank
  • Cost-benefit analysis for ATEM tenders for gas distribution services
  • Opinion on the definition of the relevant market in antitrust cases (maritime navigation and gas)
  • Estimation of the damage from anti-competitive practices (maritime navigation, urban transport, automotive)
  • Opinion on the allocation of airport slots for the initiation of a dispute
  • Opinion about the impact of a concentration on competition in the commercial distribution sector
  • Opinion on the abuse of dominant position (energy and large distribution)